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Rhonda Massad Founder of West Island Blog


If you would like your business to reach hundreds of thousands of viewers, advertising or contributing to the West Island Blog is one of the best, most effective ways to share your brand message and develop a loyal following of customers.

The award-winning, West Island Blog website that was recognized by the Quebec Community Newspaper Association, is gaining incredible momentum with millions visits in the last 6 years and averaging 500,000+ views per month on Facebook. These incredible numbers coupled with the success of the Facebook page which has more than 25,000 followers with more than 100,000 views each week and a million monthly google impressions to the website, West Island Blog is THE  website to advertise on!!!

WEST ISLAND BLOG is an up-to-date information website that allows citizens to keep informed on what is happening in the West Island, as well as their connection with the city of Montreal.

It’s a modern-format community newspaper written for – and by – the community. features local news, relevant topics, timely information, and updates,

“Meet your Neighbour” and “Meet your Local Business” segments, and calendar of events, even safety tips and community resources!

It is with dedication, heart and boundless energy that master connector Rhonda Massad can be seen all over the West Island – camera in tow – covering local events, highlighting the people, businesses, and charities within our communities. This former Beaconsfield City Councillor turned freelance journalist and charity board-member has continuously demonstrated her commitment to serving her community. Now, Rhonda has created something spectacular that is connecting people from all over the West Island in a brand-new way. Rhonda brings her own journalistic style to West Island Blog and mixes it with guest writers and experts who share their wealth of knowledge with readers.

Sponsored Blog Posts – Meet the Business Blog

A sponsored post for your business is available.  You can have an entire post of between 200-300 words to boast all about your business and reach out to our readers and make connections.

It is simple and easy to do – provide us with all the reasons you want our readers to use your services or buy your products.  Provide us with at least one picture (up to three) so people can get a feel for what you do. Blog posts stay on the site for one (1) week on the front page and are always part of our historical content. Blog posts will be shared on the West Island Blog Facebook, Linkedin pages and tweeted to thousands of people.

  • Rates are per week and available upon request.
  • Additional charge for editing, if need be.

Advertising spots

Why not show off your business with a permanent position on the blog.  As an advertiser, readers are reminded of you every time they visit.  The ad spot will be linked to your site or Facebook page.  What a wonderful way to speak to the community.

  • Rates are per month and available upon request
  • Additional charge for production of your ad.
  • Spots are available for each Tab – Home, Community, People, Food, Fun Things To Do and Editorials.

Permanent Advertising spots – here are the sizes:

There are four size ad spots on the blog.

Top ad size:  600×140 pixels

 Top right: 350 x 350 pixels

 Bottom right: 350×350 pixels

 Mid page ad: 1,000px × 200 pixels

Resource Directory

Looking for a service on the West Island – Look no further. West Island Blog has a resource directory that allows readers to search for specific businesses in the region.  Quick and inexpensive. A must for all businesses with customers on the West Island.

Event Announcement

Here is a quick and easy way to let readers know about your special event.  You can add text and a picture to have your event show up in the West Island Blog event calendar.  Charitable events can post with no cost.  Small charge for networking and business events.



Prices available upon request.


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Last updated March 2019