Adorable Bear Cubs Commandeer Hammock in Unusual Vermont Backyard Encounter


Nestled in the idyllic landscape of Waitsfield, Vermont, Noah and Kristen Dweck had a black bear experience like no other. The couple has had their fair share of sightings around their home but this specific instance was a delightful first. Their backyard, graced by nature’s furry creatures, showcased an unusual sight – a bear lounging nonchalantly on their property’s hammock.

Armed with nothing but the trusty lens of his iPhone, Noah Dweck was quick to document an encounter that would be recounted amusingly at many a dinner table. As the Tuesday sun cast a dreamy glow over their yard, an intimate spectacle unfolded. Two black bear cubs wandered in, with one boldly commandeering the hammock, swaying gently, a whimsical parody of a regular afternoon nap.

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An ordinary scene turned extraordinary, Dweck couldn’t help but use words like “adorable” and “funny” when asked to recount the episode. He was perched at his desk, working behind the screen doors, when the silence was interrupted by the unusual sound of the hammock swaying rhythmically – a curious event given the absence of any wind.

The narrative began to piece itself together in Dweck’s mind; the unexpected was unfolding. Swiftly moving upstairs for a clearer view, he observed one bear, intrigued and entertained, curiously studying its hammock-bound friend. Dweck immortalized this captivating moment in a video before shooing the fluffy intruders away.

Rooted within a dynamic bear basin, the Dweck’s home is no stranger to bear sightings. Given their constant interaction with human inhabitants, it wasn’t a completely shocking revelation to see the bear acclimating itself to a piece of human leisure equipment. Dweck expressed not only humorous surprise but also admiration that this ‘he or she’ managed to use the hammock without toppling over.

Vermont, known for its robust black bear population, has witnessed an uptick in sightings and interactions involving these natural denizens in recent years. Still, nothing could have prepared the Dwecks for the hilarity and novel charm of a bear finding solace on an ordinary hammock, offering a quirky highlight in the otherwise humdrum day-to-day life, forever encapsulating an afternoon that was anything but ordinary.