Adele Shatters Records with Highest Average Concert Tickets Prices in 2024


When it came to the Las Vegas music scene, Adele reigned supreme in the first half of 2024. The British powerhouse’s residency at the Caesars Palace topped the charts for the highest average ticket prices in all the United States, according to a recently publicized Forbes report. Devoted fans paid a staggeringly average of $1,461 each for a chance to witness the vocal powerhouse in person.

The sticker-shocking prices didn’t start when the residency kicked off in 2024 though. Already in July 2022, as the tickets for the Grammy-award winner’s “Weekends With Adele” series were released for the November shows that year, the resale market sprang into high gear. As revealed, the front-row tickets were listed on StubHub for a jaw-dropping $41,280 each. Including the service fee of $6,191.93 per ticket, a pair of these prestigious seats would have set back an eager fan an astounding $94,949.82.

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What makes these high prices even more striking is that all three top-dollar resale tickets were for concerts held in Las Vegas — as shown by data provided to Forbes by SeatGeek. Adele, in her reign, outperformed Phish at the Sphere by a full $233, not to mention she outpaced U2 by a considerable $630. Chris Leyden of SeatGeek explains this phenomenon, stating that, “Vegas prices are significantly higher than what we’d normally see if the artists were scheduled to perform at venues like the Prudential Center in New Jersey or Ball Arena in Colorado.”

There’s a certain allure that the city of Las Vegas holds, particularly for top-tier artists. Not only do they make more money due to the high ticket prices, but they also spend less on logistics considering they don’t have to fly around the world with their full gear and stages. In Las Vegas, the world comes to them, and they can perform without the added cost of transportation and preparation.

Playing Las Vegas, once associated with declining music careers, has gained a newfound reputation. Crediting Celine Dion’s pioneering decision to set a residency in Las Vegas as far back as 2003, the city is no longer a career graveyard but rather a lucrative stage, especially for high-caliber artists like Dion herself and Adele.

As for the rest of 2024, while SeatGeek predicts Adele’s high-ranking position in ticket prices to persist, the return of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour to the US is anticipated to give Adele a run for her money, threatening to nab the top spot.