Adele Halts Fan Interactions Amidst COVID-19 Fears at Vegas Concerts


For the Grammy award-winning English music sensation, Adele, the notoriously vibrant atmosphere of Las Vegas concerts will no longer include strolls through adoring crowds or posing for fan selfies. The reason? A palpable fear of contracting the Coronavirus.

While her concerts are renowned for the intimate interactions she typically shares with her fans, including spontaneous chats and selfies, the star has opted to place a strict prohibition against such practices. This news was made public to an eager audience at the Colosseum during her Friday, Sept. 15 concert.

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Addressing the spectators with her characteristic frankness, Adele admitted, “I am barely holding on, desperately trying to avoid catching COVID.” The singer’s concerts at Caesar’s Palace, a popular hotspot for her fan interactions, is where she expressed her resolve to maintain her health at all costs.

Adding further context to her concerns, Adele revealed that a recent COVID-19 outbreak at Caesar’s Palace had drastically impacted her team. Most worryingly, her backup singer Amanda Brown tested positive, forcing her to miss several performances.

A startling reality the superstar shared with her fans was that almost every member of her work entourage had contracted COVID-19, and she considers it a small miracle that she herself hadn’t. Though she reiterated her fondness for engaging with her audience, she decidedly prioritized her health, stating, “I don’t want to get sick.”

The ongoing pandemic had already forced the singer to postpone the inaugural leg of her highly coveted “Weekend with Adele” residency in 2022. The virus had incapacitated most of her crew and caused significant delays in the delivery of essential equipment. Undeterred, she addressed her constantly revolving situation, “I will be damned if I cancel any more of these shows.”

These strolls amongst her audience during her poignant track “When We Were Young”, punctuated with spontaneous selfies, evolved into legendary moments, frequently shared on various social media platforms — all of which will now cease.

Despite her compromised immunity, Adele fondly acknowledged her longing to interact with her fans, but also reaffirmed her absolute determination to avoid risking her health.

As Adele’s Las Vegas run comes to a close on November 4, rumours of her possible return for a third round are already shaping conversations. But until then, fans are left with nostalgic reminders of personal interactions, yet ceaseless musical enchantment.