Actress Angie Harmon Sues Instacart After Shopper Guns Down Beloved Pet


Nestled in the heart of North Carolina, in the pulsating city of Charlotte, a simple online grocery delivery spiraled into a shocking, dread-filled drama in the home of renowned actress Angie Harmon, renowned for her role in TV staples such as “Law & Order” and “Rizolli & Isles.” Conflict looms large as Harmon has launched a legal action against Instacart, the nationwide online grocery delivery platform, and a former shopper outraged by a heinous incident that unfolded right in her driveway.

The proceeding cast a darkened cloud over Instacart’s business operations. The misfortune turned deadly when Harmon’s cherished pet, a charming beagle mix named Oliver, was shockingly gunned down by the ill-fated shopper in a sequence of events that spiraled out of control.

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Deep within the language of the legal action, filed late last week in Mecklenburg County is a litany of heavy allegations – from whale-sized claims of trespassing to accusations of gross negligence. Instacart also faces charges of negligent hiring, supervision, retention, along with painting a misleading image of its shoppers’ identity.

The chilling crescendo of the unfolding incident first stirred when Harmon, immersed in the mundane chore of replenishing squirrel feeders, heard a gunshot puncturing the tranquil afternoon air. Alarm bells rang as she rushed to find her lovable Oliver lying helpless on the ground and the Instacart delivery person visibly stowing away a gun into the front of his pants.

According to legal docs, the tension knotted even tighter as Harmon’s teenage daughters found themselves thrust into the horrific scene, leaving them emotionally distressed. In dreary anticlimax, Oliver ultimately succumbed to his injuries at the local veterinarian’s office.

It’s a tale that spirals even further as the shopper, under the acute scrutiny of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department, claimed self-defense, insisting he shot the dog fearing an attack. The gravity of the allegation, however, did not lead to the pursuit of criminal charges. Counter to the shopper’s accusations, Harmon claims that the man who showed up on her doorstep, a towering, daunting figure who was not the older lady Merle depicted in the profile, was devoid of any visible scratch or bite mark, nor was his attire torn.

Responding to the incident, Instacart affirmed that the shopper’s account had been suspended promptly upon the incident and subsequently permanently deactivated him from the platform. The company defended its stringent safety protocol – from comprehensive background checks to strict prohibitions against carrying a weapon and robust anti-fraud measures.

Concluding their statement, Instacart expressed deep empathy towards Ms. Harmon and her family post the grisly incident. Although fighting shy of commenting on ongoing legal cases, their stance against violence of any kind came across loud and clear. Yet, for Harmon, the echo of the gunshot remains, turning a simple grocery delivery into an large-scale legal battle and an enduring, bitter memory.