Actor Angie Harmon Sues Instacart After Dog Fatally Shot by Shopper


Tensions rose in Charlotte, North Carolina, when famed actor Angie Harmon found herself locked in a legal battle against Instacart and one of its former shoppers. The drama began to unfold in March when, much to Harmon’s horror, her beloved dog was fatally shot by an Instacart shopper who was delivering groceries at her residence.

This unforeseen incident had such a profound effect on Harmon that she sought legal recourse, filing a lawsuit last week in Mecklenburg County accusing Instacart and the shopper of a slew of grievances. These accusations include trespassing, gross negligence, emotional distress, invasion of privacy, alongside others.

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The plaintiff, Harmon, who has gained recognition from well-known TV shows such as “Law & Order” and “Rizolli & Isles,” shared the incident with the media. In an interview aired on “Good Morning America,” ABC News quoted Harmon as saying that it was nearly impossible to imagine that someone had fired a gun in her driveway. She squarely placed the blame on Instacart, stating that they bore a substantial responsibility for the regretful incident, which she believes could have been avoided.

Harmon’s lawsuit outlines distressing events on the day of the incident. She had ordered an Instacart delivery from a local Charlotte store through the app and had been liaising with what she believed was the profiles depicted ‘Merle’ — a seemingly older woman. Instead, she was overtaken by surprise and anxiety when a younger, intimidating man – not the older woman she had been expecting – arrived to drop off her groceries.

As Harmon was busy upstairs tending to her squirrel feeders, the nightmare scenario unfolded. A gunshot was heard, causing her to dash outside as panic gripped her. There she discovered her beagle mix, Oliver, gravely wounded. According to the lawsuit, the delivery man was seen holstering a gun in his pants as Harmon’s teenage daughters stood nearby, consumed by distress. Sadly, their family pet, Oliver, later succumbed to his wounds at the veterinarian’s office.

Attempting to justify his actions, according to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, the shopper claimed self-defense, alleging that the dog had attacked him. He was not subsequently pursued by the police for criminal charges.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, Harmon brought attention to the incident in an Instagram post, mentioning the absence of bodily harm or damage to the delivery man’s clothing, thereby contradicting his claim that the dog attacked him.

Instacart responded to the situation by first suspending the shopper upon receiving notification of the incident and then proceeded to permanently ban him. Meanwhile, they voiced their empathy for Harmon and her family after the disturbing episode via a statement, highlighting their commitment to ensuring shoppers’ compliance with their policies. These policies include prohibition of carrying weapons, conducting comprehensive background checks, and implementing fraud prevention measures.