Activists Looking Forward to Saving the Remaining Part of St-Pierre River in Montreal


The Montreal West and the St-Luc’s Meadowbrook Golf Course, for years, has been contested by developers asking for permission to build on it. Although its future to remain green for now seems secure, a stretch of river that has historical importance is under threat.

Dozens of brooks and rivers crisscrossed the Island of Montreal before the arrival of Europeans. Among the rovers include St-Pierre that flowed from Mount Royal to Old Montreal.

According to Loise Legault, an activist, the river was instrumental in the history of Montreal. Loise adds that during the French regime, a lot of properties in Montreal were aligned with rivers including the St-Pierre River.

Then centuries of industrialization and farming forced the rivers to serve as an open sewer. The development of residential subdivisions later forced the rivers like St-Pierre to be buried underground.

The only part of St-Pierre River that is visible is barely 200 meters long. The Meadowbrook Golf Course was banned for housing by the Coderre administration. Now activists are turning their efforts on this tiny stretch of St-Pierre River.

Legault says the brook is part of the ecological system and offers proper drainage. She added that the river also attracts geese and ducks during spring migration. Friend of the Meadowbrook still thinks the province can intervene and keep this piece of history flowing.


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