Acres Manufacturing Launches Game-Changing Cashless Casino Wagering System at Rolling Hills


Acres Manufacturing, a forerunner in the tech-driven gaming industry, has unveiled its avant-garde Cashless Casino wagering system. Rolling Hills Casino & Resort in Corning, California will enjoy the honor of being the first to feature this innovative technology on every slot machine across its casino floor.

Suspending the reliance on physical currency, the Cashless Casino technology is a veritable game-changer, permitting gamblers to place bets on any machine, independent of its producer. Rolling Hills Casino has made a revolutionary leap into modernity by eradicating the need for cash when trying one’s luck on their or any of their multitude of slot machines.

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Having spread its footprint over 11 states already, the Las Vegas-based tech manufacturer eyes Nevada as the next to incorporate this system. We can expect the announcement of an unspecified Silver State casino hosting the company’s upcoming implementation in about two months.

The prided system installed at Rolling Hills, an establishment managed by the Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians, marks its initiation at a tribal casino. General Manager Antonio Perez speaks contentedly about the warm response garnered from their patrons, stating, “Adapting to evolving player preferences and useful technological advances has become a necessary step in the casino industry. The feedback we have received from our players has been tremendous”.

Renowned as the 2023 Product Innovation of the Year by Gaming America, the Cashless Casino system proves its worth for operators by synergizing their slots and table games with a digital wallet or preferred payment processors. Bettors employ the casino’s mobile app to liaise with a Bluetooth card reader installed on every game across the casino floor. Rolling Hills Casino’s adoption of such tech exemplifies the rapid merge of gaming and digital financial technology.

Highlighting the benefits of removing cash from the equation, Noah Acres, an executive at Acres Manufacturing, stated, “Cashless gaming is proven to increase casino profitability by offering more funding options to players, who respond by increasing their visit frequency and time played at the casino.” This innovation breathes a new level of convenience and potentially brings a fresh wave of patrons in the ever-transitioning casino landscape.

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