Acquitted Rapper Lady Leshurr Reveals Career Ruined Despite Court Win


Following a tumultuous court case, influential rapper Lady Leshurr, whose given name is Melesha O’Garro, has stated that her career has been invariably “ruined,” despite her recent acquittal on two counts of assault.

O’Garro had been faced with allegations of assault against her former partner, Sidnee Hussein, and Hussein’s then-partner, Chante Boyea. However, a jury recently ruled in favor of the 35-year-old singer, finding her not guilty of causing actual bodily harm to the pair.

In the wake of the judgment, O’Garro confessed that this legal battle had resulted in significant financial and professional losses, having lost several contracts and been devoid of income for a year.

Also known as a previous competitor on Dancing On Ice, O’Garro argued in her trial that she was not the instigator of the dispute. Instead, she claimed that Ms. Boyea, a security official at the time, had been the first to assault her, even using her Belgian Malinois, Toby, as a “weapon” during the altercation in north-east London.

Through a message on Instagram, O’Garro exposed her hardships over the past year, fighting accusations of stalking, harassment, and assault, when she was, in fact, the victim. She stated: “I was attacked and bitten by a dog and framed as the aggressor.” Her declaration indicated a bleak future ahead, with “no income” and a career she believed was “ruined, regardless of the outcome”.

In the court hearing, it was revealed that the alleged assailants flagged down Ms. Boyea’s vehicle around 05:00 BST as she was on her way to work. Boyea claimed that upon stopping the car, O’Garro allegedly “bit down on my hand and from that point on she didn’t let go.” She maintained that this assault caused nerve damage to her left hand, prohibiting her from holding a dog lead securely, thereby ending her professional prospects as a dog handler.

However, Ronnie Bergenthal, defending O’Garro, opposed this conclusion, arguing that medical records did not verify any nerve damage on Boyea’s hand. Additionally, he accused Boyea of using her security dog as a “weapon on Ms O’Garro,” directing the dog to attack the singer.

This claim was fervently denied by Boyea, who stated: “At no point did I throw punches or attack her or release the dog from the boot.”

Another defendant, Sherelle Smith from Yardley, Birmingham, who stood accused of assaulting Sidnee Hussein during her efforts to aid Ms Boyea, was also exonerated.


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