Accused USC Gynecologist Tyndall Found Dead Amid Billion-dollar Lawsuit Settlements


George Tyndall, the ex-gynecologist for the University of Southern California, notoriously accused of sexually abusing his patients, was discovered lifeless in his residential premises on Wednesday. This information was disclosed by his legal representation.

One of Tyndall’s acquaintances had decided to drop by his place following a failure to establish telephonic communication, as per Leonard Levine, Tyndall’s legal counsel. Levine mentioned that the infamously charged gynecologist was found in a state of unresponsiveness, in a chilling physical condition.

Tyndall, infamously charged in 2019 with 29 counts of sex crimes stemming from allegations of inappropriate contact with 16 women during his medical practice, had pleaded not guilty. The allegations eventually led to his termination from his position at the university in 2017. He had faithfully served as a gynecologist at the institution for nearly three decades.

Levine expressed his sorrow over Tyndall’s death, referring to it as an unfortunate occurrence for all parties involved in the looming trial. The attorney went on to mention that Tyndall was keenly invested in proving his innocence in the impending court proceedings.

In the shadow of the scandalous sexual abuse allegations, 2021 saw USC agreeing to shell out a record-breaking fee of $1.1 billion in settlements with respect to scores of lawsuits filed against Tyndall. The settlement comprised civil claims lodged by 710 former patients of Tyndall.

The attorneys for the victims acknowledged it to be the largest financial settlement ever agreed upon in a sex abuse denunciation against a university and the highest personal injury settlement in university history. All of this comes on the heels of the university’s pronouncement last year of an $852 million settlement, a preceding federal class-action settlement amounting to $215 million, and additional settlements as referred by USC.


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