Acclaimed Windsor Constable Arrested For Off-Duty Harassment Allegations


In a surprising turn of events, Constable Joshua Smith, acclaimed for serving diligently in Windsor Police Service (WPS) for five years, found himself on the wrong side of law enforcement. The constable was placed under arrest this Monday, following a complaint alleging him of engaging in harassing behaviour.

The alleged harassment is said to have happened during his off-duty hours, throwing an unexpected twist to the law-abiding image typically associated with a serving police officer. The nature of the relationship between the officer and the victim has been confirmed by the police, indicating that they were known to each other prior to the incident.

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Smith now faces substantial charges, which include criminal harassment, indecent communications, and harassing communications. In light of these allegations, the WPS has suspended Smith from his duties, albeit with pay, as they continue to investigate the matter thoroughly.

However, as the case has now been passed onto judicial proceedings, the Windsor police have adopted a policy of discretion. To avoid jeopardizing the case, or causing potential influence on the subsequent judicial process, any further information regarding this investigation remains confidential. Hence, the police will not disclose or comment on any particulars surrounding this ongoing investigation until the court’s decision.