“Acclaimed Actor Steve Buscemi Assaulted on Manhattan Streets: Second ‘Boardwalk Empire’ Cast Member Attacked This Year”


In an unexpected turn of events, critically acclaimed actor Steve Buscemi, stumbled into an unwarranted incident of violence while strolling down the bustling streets of Midtown Manhattan on the eighth of May.

Buscemi, 66, indisputable for his notable portrayal of characters in fan-favorite productions such as “Boardwalk Empire” and “Fargo,” found himself on the receiving end of a stranger’s fist. Authorities reported that the actor was intercepted and assaulted by a rogue individual, delivering a blow to Buscemi’s face that landed the unknown man behind bars.

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Authorities responded to the incident promptly by apprehending the man, believed to be in his 50s, on Friday. The initial response came hot on the heels of the three-day-old release of a photo, which bore the appearance of the alleged lawbreaker.

Buscemi’s publisher, acting as the actor’s unofficial spokesperson, shared with the public that the actor found respite and necessary medical attention at a local hospital. Lamenting the actor’s unfortunate injuries centered around the eye region, the publisher, however, assured fans that apart from the unexpected scuffle, their praised actor was fairing well and remained otherwise unscathed.

Following due process, the legal proceedings kicked off with an arraignment on Saturday. The black-robed judge presided over the case imposed a hefty bail, set at a daunting $50,000, leaving the fate of the apprehended man in uncertainty. As of now, it remains unknown if the man, held tightly by the reins of justice, will be represented by legal defense. The public defender’s agency has yet to return a left phone message regarding the case. The man faces his day of reckoning during his scheduled court appearance this coming Thursday.

Adding twists to the narrative, the legal documents reveal potentially more victims of the assailant. The records allege that Buscemi wasn’t the lone target on that day. It purports that the man is to have assaulted two individuals at the time, with Buscemi’s attack captured clearly on nearby surveillance video.

Given the randomness of the situation, it brings to mind an incident earlier this year involving another cast member from “Boardwalk Empire.” Michael Stuhlbarg, Buscemi’s co-star in the critically-acclaimed series, found himself a victim of an equally disturbing assault case in March. An unknown individual, different from Buscemi’s attacker, confronted Stuhlbarg with a rock to the nape of his neck, shattering the tranquility of Manhattan’s Central Park.