Absconded Inmate Captured in Las Vegas Traffic Patrol Sting


Last week, a common traffic patrol in the vicinity of Las Vegas Boulevard ripened into the impressive capture of an absconded inmate, a fact authorities unveiled on Tuesday.

An escapee sought refuge in the Clark County Detention Center where he remains under stringent protection.

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A vigilant officer from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department discerned an anomaly on Tuesday. While patrolling the city, he spotted a car near the intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard and Four Seasons Drive with no discernible license plates – a breach of the law.

Following standard protocol, the officer activated his patrol car’s siren and lights. About half a minute later, the vehicle came to a halt. Disconcertingly, the driver of the vehicle casually tossed his keys out the door, prompting the police officer to demand the passengers’ identification.

Among the passengers in the car was Ronnie Blanch, a man of 48 years. To deceive the officer, he presented a false name, birth date, and Social Security number. When requested for identification, Blanch came up short.

Blanch was then transported to the Clark County Detention Center for booking on Wednesday. Eventually, he revealed his true name. A quick perusal of the department’s records exposed Blanch’s escape on September 4 from an undisclosed correctional sober house.

Blanch faces charges for his unlawful escape. Prior to his stay at the transitional facility, he had been serving time at High Desert State Prison in Indian Springs, Nevada. He was sentenced for his involvement in drugs and forgery, along with his notorious record of consistent offences.

With his parole revoked by the Nevada Parole Board after a hearing in January, Blanch’s earliest possible parole is scheduled for February. However, an escape attempt such as this might cast a shadow over any further applications for clemency.

Currently, Blanch stays under custody in Clark County Detention Center. Regarding the driver and other passengers of the vehicle, their involvements and consequent charges remain yet undetermined. The state law demands that cars maintain license plates on both ends.

In a prior incident, Porfirio Duarte-Herrera, a murderer sentenced for life, escaped from Southern Desert Correctional Center in Indian Springs, Nevada. Aged 43, Duarte-Herrera had been serving a sentence for his involvement in a fatal bombing at the Luxor in Las Vegas in 2007.

He was apprehended by LVMPD officers at a Las Vegas bus station, only five days after his escape while he was en route to Mexico. An alert bus station employee identified the fugitive and promptly alerted the authorities. It appears Duarte-Herrera left a makeshift cardboard model in his prison cell to mislead the guards. Currently, he continues to serve a life sentence with no possibility of parole.