ABOVAS celebrates 10th anniversary of accompanied transport service for vulnerable West Island residents


Imagine undergoing treatment for cancer or another critical illness and having no affordable way to get to your appointment. That’s where ABOVAS comes in. The non-profit organization matches volunteer drivers with West Island residents who need transportation to get to their medical appointments either in the West Island or downtown.

Not only do they receive transportation, they also benefit from the accompaniment from the volunteer driver who waits with them and then takes them back home.

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A special logo has been commissioned to mark the 10th-anniversary

Now celebrating their 10-year anniversary, ABOVAS was created in 2007 by Andre Hupé, Paul Bissonnette and Claude Jourdain in collaboration with the CIUSSS and the West Island municipalities.

The service continues to grow; as of March 31st  of this year, 135 volunteer drivers helped 1,896 clients for a total of 16,698 accompaniments. The drivers are certainly appreciated. “They’re good drivers. They’re wonderful drivers.  And they drive in all kinds of weather; hail, sleet, snow, pouring rain with all of those orange cones all over the city,” says Ann Robinson of Beaconsfield.

The 10th anniversary will be celebrated with a cocktail reception on Friday, October 13th  honouring the founders of ABOVAS as well as the volunteer drivers. The event takes place FROM 6:00 p.m to 8:00 p.m. at the Surrey Aquatic and Community Centre in Dorval.