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Rhonda Massad Founder of West Island Blog


It is with dedication, heart and boundless energy that master connector Rhonda Massad can be seen all over the West Island – camera in tow – covering local events, highlighting the people, businesses and charities within our communities.

Feisty and clever, simultaneously a ballerina and kick-boxer, Rhonda always brings a smile with her.

This former city councillor turned journalist and charity board-member has continuously demonstrated her commitment to serving her community. Now, Rhonda has created something spectacular that is connecting people from all over the West Island in a brand-new way.

Gaining incredible momentum with over 155,000 readers in just 12 weeks of it’s launch and growing faster every day, the immediate success of Rhonda’s “West Island Blog” clearly strikes a chord with her augmenting readership!

Rhonda brings her own journalistic style to West Island Blog and mixes it with guest writers and experts who share a wealth of knowledge with WIB readers.

It’s a modern-format community paper written for – and by – the community.

West Island Blog features local news, relevant topics, timely information and updates, “Meet your Neighbour” and “Meet your Local Business” segments, a calendar of events, even safety tips and community resources!

Through her work Rhonda is able to ignite meaningful, life-changing connections with people, businesses and charities.

Rhonda understands first hand that we all face struggles and have triumphs. The untimely and tragic loss of her best friend at the tender age of only 24 years old changed her perspective forever. It taught her to seize the day, to cherish every moment and to always strive to do our best to make this world a better place for everybody.

Like most people, Rhonda has had her share of ups and downs. There may be times when we feel we are doing very well, and times when things seem to be crumbling. Times when we own luxury cars, and times when bus fare is all that is possible for the week.

She has lived both realities and it is with great empathy and an eternally hopeful spirit Rhonda shares her message that we don’t have to “go it alone” We can come together as a community, and when we do, it uplifts everybody.

It is her mission to connect people, to find commonality, understanding, provide resources and highlight places where people can get whatever support they need.

That is the power of West Island Blog’s mission, and the proof is in the response from her readers. It’s also just a hint of the potential…and of what’s to come.

What this means for you:

If you have a business that would like to be reached by hundreds of thousands of viewers, advertising or contributing to the West Island Blog is one of the best, most effective ways to share your brand message and develop a loyal following of clients and customers.

Tap into the incredible power of this community blog people turn to regularly. Enjoy connecting with it’s strong and emotionally engaged readership, building invaluable trust that is not easily acquired in today’s digital marketplace.

For more information on how you can advertise, promote events, or be featured on WestIslandBlog.com, connect with Rhonda today!

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