About $444m Investment Set Aside To Assist Over 35000 Low-Income Earners Afford Lease


Alberta’s provincial and federal governments have said they are setting aside a $444m investment fund to assist nearly 35500 households keep up with rent payments.

Last Tuesday, Ahmed Hussen, the federal Minister for Children and Social Development, together with Alberta’s Minister for Seniors and Housing, Josephine Pon, rolled out details of how the housing benefit will work.

They noted that the program will be used to assist the province in re-design the current rent supplement program, and will include long-term help for families that are most in need, temporary support workers and those working multiple jobs.

Information on eligibility and how people can apply will be made available on the provincial government’s webpage.

The program started on the 1st of May.

It will be available in the largest cities, and a household is eligible to apply if it falls below the income threshold, is employed or has been in employment in the last two years, and have not had any social help. The assistance will run for two years, after which families can re-apply for long-term assistance.

Long-term assistance has been running since the 1st of April, and can be accessed through a number of housing management entities across the province, authorities say.

This program is part of a decade-long deal by the two governments, through the National Housing Strategy, to refresh and widen the social housing program and fund families directly.


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