Abbotsford Police Searching For Unaccompanied Minor, Not Reported Missing


Police in Abbotsford are searching for a minor who seemed to be unaccompanied, with no shoes on and on the verge of tears. He was spotted in the city Sunday afternoon.

The police shared the boy’s plight on their Facebook page after numerous concerned calls from the public.

Police noted that the boy is about 10 and was spotted around Old Clayburn Road, lose to Abbotsford Christian School.

The boy is not yet reported missing and did not appeared to have sustained any injuries, but seemed to be ready to shed tears. He wasn’t ready to explain why he was in distress to anyone who talked to him.

Police’s description of the child said he was white, slim built and had on a black track, a light-blue Hurley jacket, and bare feet.

Police are asking members of the public to report any sighting of the boy at their local police station or call 604-859-5225.


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