Abandoned Ragdoll Cats Prompt Fight Against Irresponsible Breeding


This tale begins on a melancholy note. In the height of summer, outside a veterinary clinic in Barrie, a grim discovery was made — twenty-three Ragdoll cats abandoned in cardboard boxes, left to the mercy of the elements. This tragically included four adult breeding cats and a group of nineteen fragile kittens, all in varying degrees of ill-health. They were discovered in a pitiful state, some severely malnourished and underweight, while others suffered from acute eye constitutions.

As carefully recounted by Virginia Cornell, the resident veterinarian at Aldergrove Animal Clinic, these dejected felines were inflicted with either severe conjunctivitis or diarrhea, in many cases both. Their treatment was immediate and necessary, and the healers did all within their power to alleviate the suffering of these innocent creatures.

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A heartbreaking update from the Furry Friends Animal Shelter followed this grim revelation. “We are lost in grief”, stated the post, “nothing we write can truly encapsulate the sorrow experienced by our volunteers and foster parents at this time”. They also highlighted the dire circumstances of the kittens, with many still facing tremendous struggles in their growth.

Despite the overwhelming sorrow, the shelter vowed to continue its tireless efforts, working alongside their veterinary partners to provide necessary medical aid. The post showed the shelter’s determination to bolster the kittens with abundant affection and care, giving them the strength to persevere.

Adding a twist to this sorrowful tale, officials pointed at a probable cause. They surmise that it was the act of an overwhelmed Ragdoll cat breeder – an example of irresponsible animal breeding’s devastating outcome.

Veterinarian Virginia Cornell once again chimed in, elucidating how crucial it is to spay and neuter pets to prevent such irresponsible breeding practices. “Their kittens had fallen ill, and they couldn’t afford to nurture them, not knowing what alternative there was,” she explained.

Amidst the tragedy, a ray of hope shone from the generous donations made towards these cats’ recovery. “Your immense support has made it possible to provide the needed veterinary care for these felines,” proclaimed the Furry Friends Animal Shelter. Regardless of the hardship and tribulation that faced these kittens, the shelter assured that they would never waver from their fight to protect them.