A Water Bomber In Manitoba Had To Stop Flying Because Of A Drone Flew In Its Way


According to the province of Manitoba, a water bomber was interrupted while putting down a fire by a drone. The area of eastern Manitoba is now under a travel ban as fires continue to spread.

On Saturday, a water bomber was on its way to douse the flames of a fire in Whiteshell Provincial Park near the Ontario border when a drone got in the way of its flight path. The water bomber had to go back, putting the firefighters on the ground at risk.

Don Hallett, assistant director for the Manitoba Wildfire Service, said:

“That could have turned into something way worse than it was, just because someone flew a drone. Thankfully the ground crews were able to do what we needed them to do.”

Although there were many people on the beach, the province officials stated that the person flying the drone couldn’t be spotted.

“Just take your communities into consideration and your fellow Manitobans into consideration,” Hallett said.

Hallet added that people flying drones near active fires could face charges. He also encourages witnesses who have some additional information to contact Falcon Lake RCMP.


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