The City of Pointe-Claire is hosting a virtual Remembrance Day celebration on the City’s website on November 11 at 11 a.m. to pay tribute to those who served Canada and paid the ultimate price with their lives.

“The Remembrance Day celebration is a collective duty of remembrance. The values they fought for are a legacy that we must always recognize and appreciate. Together, let’s take a moment to pay them the honours they are due,” Mayor Belvedere said.

In Pointe-Claire, this very popular and much appreciated event brings together a large crowd every year. Due to the health guidelines related to the pandemic, a video of the commemoration will be posted on the City’s website and Facebook page on November 11 at 11 a.m., giving everyone the opportunity to come together in thought from the safety of their home.

This virtual commemoration ceremony was filmed at the cenotaph, a monument erected in memory of the soldiers, in collaboration with branch 057 of the Royal Canadian Legion.

The flags will also be flown at half-mast from sunrise to sunset on November 11 to honour those who lost their lives in combat and salute the courage of those who fought for freedom.

“City Council and I invite you to wear the Remembrance Day poppy in memory of and respect for all Veterans, men and women, to recognize their outstanding contributions to defending the freedom we still enjoy every day,” John Belvedere concludes.


Unsure how to respectfully wear the Remembrance Day Poppy? The West Island Blog has got your back with this Poppy etiquette guide: How to Wear a Poppy for Remembrance.


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