A Vaccinated Couple From Newfoundland and Labrador Call For An End To Quarantine Requirements So They Could Visit Their Family At Home


Andrew and Erika Quinlan are originally from Newfoundland and Labrador, but currently, they live in Texas. They are missing their family in Canada and want to visit them, but with the current border restrictions, it is not possible right now. They are one of those Canadians who are living outside the country and who long to see their loved ones at home. The Quinlan family wonder when they’ll be able to come back home to Canada to see their family without an expensive stay at a quarantined hotel. They are also asking if their vaccination records will be recognized.

Erika and Andrew Quinlan moved to Texas some ten years ago. Andrew is an engineer in oil and gas and Erika is a nurse at the Texas Children’s Hospital. They are both fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Before the pandemic, Erika and Andrew were frequently visited by their parents, siblings and friends.

“We have never, ever, ever been by ourselves this long without the support, help,” Erika said.

They have a six-year-old son and three-year-old twins. They are currently raising the children alone and without help. Wondering when the quarantine requirements are going to end, Erika stated:

“I just don’t know what the end result is going to be, whether there’s going to be a vaccine passport. I would hope that Canada would recognize vaccines from all parts of the world. You get other people who are doing rotational work, other stuff, who get to go to Newfoundland all the time, who bring COVID to Newfoundland and I can’t get there. And it’s very frustrating.”

For now, it seems that quarantine won’t end any time soon. A spokesperson for the federal Health Minister stated:

“We’ve been clear for over a year: now is not the time to travel. To keep Canadians safe, Canada has some of the strictest border measures in the world, and we’ve been adding layers of protection since March 2020, including a mandatory 14-day quarantine and mandatory pre-arrival, arrival, and Day 8 PCR testing of all returning Canadians and permanent residents.”


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