A Review of Oneida Casino Shooting in Wisconsin, Was the Shooting Justifiable?


Experts on police use of deadly force say that the decision not to charge the three officers who killed a man who had just shot three people at Oneida Casino restaurant in Wisconsin is unsurprising.

Rashawn Ray, a researcher at Brooking Institution, says it did not surprise him to find that the police officers were not charged for the shooting and killing of Bruce Pofahi, 62 during the 1st May incident.

Pofahi, a former employee at the restaurant fatally shot Ian Simpson, Jacob Bartel, and Daniel Mulligan, who survived his wounds. All three were employees at the restaurant.

Brown County District Attorney David Lasee decided not to charge the officers since they were justified to shot the armed suspect. Wisconsin’s Department of Justice also investigated the shooting by the three officers.

Pofahi had initially been fired and had been barred from entering the restaurant by a local judge after he texted a threatening message to the supervisor. However, the assailant made his way to the restaurant during the night of the shooting.

Police located him in the casino property where he was allegedly pointing a firearm at officers. Apart from this case, when looking at the US national trend of police shooting people, in over 90 percent of 1, 000 killings, officers have never been charged despite these killings being ruled as unjustifiable.

Oneida Casino is in Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin. After the incident, Governor Tony Evers (D) tweeted that he was devastated by the tragedy.


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