A Rescue Dog in P.E.I Has His Own Song, Here’s How He Found It


From the lyrics of the music, the dog would appear like a true gentleman who ate cheese with some degree of sophistication, loved guests and hated sneezes.

However, it was Rudy the dog’s mangled teeth and super-charismatic face that brought upon the decision to write him a personal song.

“You look at a photo of Rudy and man, that song just needs to be born,”

Canadian singer-songwriter Hawksley Workman told Island Morning’s Mitch Cormier.

“The song was going to write itself.”

‘Member of our family’

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the artist has been dedicating music to people’s pets and featuring them in his live-streamed show Hawksley Night in Canada.

The artist said he shared the idea with a manager some years back, but was quickly turned down. Now, he is getting “hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of entries from fans around the world with pictures and missives about their pets.”

One of those was the Island’s very own Rudy the rescue.

“We brought him home the evening of December 21st, 2016. So he’s our little Christmas present,” said owner Joy Palmer.

“Rudy became a member of our family.”

‘Blown away’

Although it was Palmer’s son’s girlfriend who requested the song, Palmer said the personality and quirks of Rudy were caught perfectly.

“I thought this is amazing. Like, I was just blown away.”

“I saw the picture of Rudy and then I read the little essay [from] Rudy’s, I guess, sister-in-law,” said Workman.

“It was a beautiful and hilarious written little missive about this pup who has a face full of glorious, misshapen, you know, dental features.”

Rudy’s song includes lyrics regarding his love for fast food, his journey to finding a forever home and his friendship with a raccoon.

Album is underway

Thus far, Workman said he has curated around seven pet songs, but not every request has come for pets.

“There’s been other people bringing me pet ideas for snakes, frogs, turtles, hamsters, you name it,” he said.

“I’m quite pleased to be writing songs about people’s pets.”

At the moment, the artist said he has no plans of giving up his new gig.

“My love for pets is not going away any time soon. So if the world continues along the strange path that it is, there’s going to be more pet songs that I’m sure will result in an album.”


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