A Quebec Woman Who Resisted COVID-19 Vaccine Die from the Virus


An anti-vaccine Quebec woman left an important message before she succumbs to COVID-19, get vaccinated. Gisele Beaudoin, a singer and a resident of the Drummondville area died on Sunday a few days after contracting the virus.

Her sister Monic Beaudoin on Saturday shared her last wishes on the Facebook post. She wrote that her sister wishes them to get vaccinated.

“She asked me to tell all of you to get vaccinated because she didn’t believe. Like some of you, she was a conspiracy theorist and anti-masker.”

In an interview, Monic further revealed that in the months preceding her death, she used to go into the websites containing conspiracy theories and share the posts on social media.

“She would get up at 4 a.m. to watch all the videos of these people and send them to us on Facebook.”

Beaudoin also asked her husband to get vaccinated which he has agreed he will do soon. People have shared condolences on Facebook noting that though she didn’t believe in the vaccine, she didn’t deserve to die.


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