A Number Of International Students Face Travel Complication As Fall Semester Begins


Resuming school to start a new semester is often exciting for most students, but recent changes in restrictions as a result of the COVID-19 situation means most international students will either miss class or start late.

Shachin Dev, who comes from Indian, is a student at McGill University. The student has been working remotely to finish his medical physics PhD program since January. However, he says that his biggest challenge so far is the 9-hour time difference between Canada and India. He noted that he was supposed to undertake experiments, which he can, and has been forced to do the thing that can be accomplished remotely.

He was looking forward to a new semester at McGill, but Canadian authorities extended its ban on flights coming in from India until the 21st of September, which has forced him to re-book the flight once again.

Currently, he is in Serbia, a country that allows his countrymen to be issued with a Visa upon arrival. While he is fully immunized, he opted to quarantine before he connects to Canada through Frankfurt.

Although Canada’s changing rules are frustrating many international students, Dev is hopeful that authorities will relax rule so that he and other can go back to their studies.


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