A Montreal Vet Fined and Suspended for Removing Canine Teeth without Owner Consent


A Montreal-based veterinarian has been charged in court for removing 19 teeth from a dog without the owner’s consent.

Dr. Myreile Gauvin, a veterinarian, has been suspended for three weeks. She has also been fined CA $5, 500 per the ruling by Quebec veterinarian disciplinary council.

The complainant dropped their dog at the vet for dental care in 2018. When the dog owner returned, they were upset to learn that the vet had already removed some of the teeth, something they hadn’t agreed to.

The vet agreed that she did not get authorization from the owner to proceed with the extraction.

“I had explained to Joaquim’s owner that it was probable that the extractions would be required. But I admit that I did not obtain his consent before actually proceeding with the extraction of the 19 teeth.”

The court report read that the dog owner returned and took the dog after learning about the operation. Furthermore, no painkillers or antibiotics were prescribed for the canine.

Gauvin was also blamed for not recommending an x-ray for the dog which would have given him the knowledge to determine whether the extraction was necessary.

Gauvin acknowledged that at the time, the clinic lacked an x-ray machine, but have bought one.

“I now routinely do dental x-rays before tooth extraction.”


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