A Métis Woman’s Makes Traditional Bread


Bannock is a traditional dish in Canada that not so many people know to bake well. Ginger Auger is one of those people who know their way around the kitchen, and she says that from an early age, he knew how to prepare good bannock:

“Growing up in poverty with a single mother … cooking was our therapy. She was inventive and showed me how to cook from scratch on a budget. If we ran out of other foods, we could always count on fresh, warm, delicious bannock.”

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Auger says that her mother always had a well-stocked larder. She taught her how to bake good bannock, among many other things.

Auger added:

‘I make six different styles. I was taught baked and pan-fried. Once I realized bannock was so versatile, I started to try other styles.”

When she starts cooking this traditional dish, Auger is often making a loaf, biscuits, or pizza bannock. She also has a unique version of bannock that features lots of canola oil. Also, she has another version of this dish that looks like small Timbit-like treats, which she covers with cinnamon and sugar.

“My sons and their dad love the many variations I make. Sometimes friends or family request a batch or come over to just enjoy it hot and fresh,” she said.

Auger concluded:

“It brought my mom and me together … it wasn’t just bannock, it was love.”