A love for Baie d’Urfé by Jim Morrison


I love Baie d’Urfe! Always have, always will! My parents moved here in April, 1968, in large part to its tranquility in providing a backdrop to family living.

As a kid, there were plenty of activities available to fill your day; the parks, the pools, the sailing club, hockey, and Baie d’Urfe days. Whiteside Taylor, Dorset, Corpus Christi, and Oakridge schools offered many lasting friendships.

I have never wavered and still make my home here. Now in my late 40’s, I have a greater appreciation of the nucleus of our town. It is the power of our community spirit.

The West Island Crusade against Cancer (WICAC) was founded by myself in 1997. Strictly volunteer driven, its focus is providing support to Nova West Island’s Carousel program, and the West Island Palliative Care Center.

Early spring commenced a series of events with the backing of many of the people, and teams which make our town unique.

Our gala evening took part on May 30 from the Curling Club.  Event coordinator, Earl Lasalle, and Fred Lawton worked with Wicac every step of the way, culminating in a high energy performance from Dusty Vinyl, who have performed the past two years at Baie d’Urfe days.

We had our Fun Run on July 4 from Red Barn. Nathalie Hadida, Director General, and the town council approved our event upon receipt of application.

The Citizens Association were gracious in printing our event in the June edition of the News and Views.

Tony Brown, Ken Forse, with the Rescue squad were on site providing logistics and man power. Brian Ross, and George Durocher, Citizens on Patrol in providing safe travels for our 60+ runners throughout the 5km course. Mayor Tutino was also on hand to start the event.

Steve Arless, a resident coordinated his annual 40 km bike rally on July 25. Captain David Roulx of Caserne 52 was on hand with fellow firefighters in leading the pack the first several kilometers.

These events would not be possible without the backing of the above associations and their volunteers. It is a privilege to be part of a town which understands that community is all about helping those who are in need.

On behalf of everyone associated at Wicac, I thank-you you all who make Baie d’Urfe such a wonderful place to live and play.

Jim Morrison


  1. Hey Jim ! I remember you from the Sainte Anne’s bar scene of the 80’s. Nice to see you are still around and active in your community – good on you ! – Phil Hatchell


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