A Guide to Scheduling Appointments With Your Vet


Taking care of pets is as good as taking care of new-borns. In both cases, it is quite challenging to understand the first thing that goes on in their minds or bodies. But being a pet parent comes with added difficulties since these innocent little beings are not capable of articulating their pain the way human beings do. It is upon us to understand their pulse and keep an eye out for even the slightest change in their behaviour.  Co-Sleeping with Dogs: a Pawsitive or a Negative Habit? Rhonda Massad, West Island Blog, West Island News, Pets, Pet Corner,

Talking about being a caregiver to pets, one of the most crucial things that one must do is schedule timely appointments with a veterinarian. You could be a hands-on pet parent to your furry little friend and be aware of each of their movements, but that still does not mean that you can fill the space of a veterinarian. The article here shall tell you just why. Vets are an integral part of our society, and their role in determining the health and future of our pets cannot be downplayed. Therefore, let us move on to discussing how you could make the most of your appointments with the veterinarian and tend to the health of your pets in the best ways possible.

Birth To 1 Year- Your Pet Requires Intensive Care:

Just as we would pay the entire world’s attention to a human infant soon after its birth, a kitten or a puppy requires the same amount of care. As a matter of fact, your pet might need more attention than a human baby, since they cannot form words to articulate their feelings and pain. This period is also extremely sensitive for your pet since the organs and other vital body parts are not fully developed and are susceptible to infections. Thus, you need to bring in your little one to the veterinarian for vaccines and check-ups every 3 to 4 weeks. The vet shall administer all the required shots and prescribe the right ways to take care of your pet.

The period that follows right after birth is also the window where your pet starts developing heartworm. Therefore, if you happen to miss out on appointments with the vet, there is a good enough chance for your pet to fall prey to infections and suffer for the rest of their lives.

1 To 7 Years- Adulthood of Your Pet:

The moment your pet falls within the brackets of adulthood, the number of times you are expected to take your pet to the vet comes down substantially. But know that this is not a blank cheque to ignoring your pet’s physical and mental health. Vets usually recommend yearly check-ups in this particular time window, because your pet is expected to be at the prime of their health when they live out their days as a fully-formed adult. Their immunity is much more than what it used to be when they were babies and thus, can ward off viruses and infections. But, make sure that you follow the vet’s instructions and bring your pet to the vet as recommended. The website best air purifier for pet (Moonriver) has several pieces of information that you can make use of while going about your usual pet-care routine. You could browse through their site to dose up on your knowledge.

7 Years to Older- The Last Leg Of Your Pet’s Life:

As bitter and heartbreaking as it might sound, every living being has to leave the planet one day. Your little furry friend shall also have to leave the Earth when the time comes. Therefore, all you can do to ease this phase is be a bit cautious about their health, take them for frequent check-ups with the vet and keep them as happy and healthy as possible. When their time comes, they might not have to suffer and fight for that last breath.

Vets usually suggest bringing in your pets twice a year so that it is easy to keep an eye out for health complications and manage a disease before it turns into something ugly. Routine tests and certain other vaccinations can abate many syndromes and keep your pet in good health.


The moment you bring in a puppy, a kitten, or any baby animal for that matter within the confines of your household, you assume the shape of a pet parent. And being a parent is not an easy job. It is a responsibility, one that you cannot brush off your shoulders. Therefore, bring home your pet only when you are ready for it and do not settle when it comes to providing them with quality treatment. Animals feel as much as human beings do, and it is our responsibility to give them the life they deserve.  


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