A Family In Ontario Facing $3458 In Hotel Quarantine Bill, Vows To Fight It Off


A family in Ontario was recently charged $3458 in Hotel quarantine fees after attending a funeral abroad. The family has vowed it will not part with a cent, terming the hotel charge as gouging at best.

Cristin Teixeira, her daughter, and her brother got back to Canada from Portugal to respect her father’s last respect.

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She noted that it had become impossible for them to get answers regarding hotel quarantine services while in Portugal and only managed to book a room when they got back to Toronto.

She adds that she inquired whether the family could be allowed to skip the hotel quarantine out of compassion but denied it. She was then asked to call Crowne Plaza hotel to secure a quarantine room.

Upon inquiry, they were notified that it would cost them $369 a night, so they booked a room with double queen beds. When they arrived at check-in, the price had doubled to $769 each night, including taxes. She adds that the hotel knew there were three of them and did not bother to convey the correct information.

Inclusive of taxes and other fees, she was billed $3458 from 27th February to 1st March. Nearly 15 hours after checking in, their tests showed up negative. They were allowed to leave the hotel. She added that the hotel would not agree to issue a refund for the remaining days.

She noted that if they had walked in the right from the street outside, the charge would have been $179 per night for three adults.

All guests under the hotel quarantine program and served three meals each day until the period expires.

While speaking to local media, Teixeira stated that they are working hard to fight off the charge, including their credit company.

What angers the family is that the hotel billed them $2453, a $1000 lower than what they were asked to pay. Her brother spoke with the hotel to resolve the situation. Still, even that could not fix why there was a difference between the two bills they received. Hotel management has not reached out to them since they were set free.