A Canadian Nursing Student Built ASS Finance and Capture over 100, 000 Token Holders


Meme Projects are everywhere all over the world, however, only the serious ones make difference. In the crypto market, there are very many projects with funny-sounding names and indistinguishable from scams. A bird, food, space, or even body part name is adopted along with the word crypto or blockchain.

Though most of the names behind the funny memes are pure-play money grab artists who shift from crypto to real estate and so on in hopes of covering rent for next month, there are the serious few who want just to build something legit.

This is the case for Liv, a 26-year-old Montrealer who created the ASS Finance (Australian Safe Shepherd), a community-driven, Binance Smart Chain-based token. The token started as a “moon play’ with names like SafeMoon, SaveEarth, ElonMoon. The token has generated thousands of dollars in profit to a select few.

Liv agreed that the route she was taking was different, she decided to create ASS as a meme coin after the project reached a $100 million market cap and captured 70, 000 holders in a single week. Today, ASS Finance has over 100, 000 token holders all over the world. The community works together in achieving various use cases and solving countless problems.

Liv says the goal of the meme is to encourage more women to enter into the DEFI space. Her target companies are mostly adult video websites that are interested in integrating the token in their payment method.

However, her fame has not come without dirty play, Liv has received death threats for her vision of promoting sexuality by targeting the adoption of ASS by the adult websites. She has ignored the threats and continues to develop a network daily. His choice memes are simple crypto images.

Liv is not a top-notch software developer or blockchain coder, she is a third-year Bachelor of Science nursing student. Liv is working toward becoming a registered nurse. She purchased her first cryptocurrency LINK in 2018. It clear that Liv’s story is just beginning.


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