A 7 Months Baby Rushed to Hospital with Deteriorating Health after Contracting COVID-19


Last Sunday, a Quebec mother and her 7 months baby confirmed to have contracted COVID-19. According to the mother, she decided to get tested after they started having a little cough.

Parrot, a Beauport mother says that their health began started deteriorating at an alarming rate. The baby, Logan, body temperature rose to 40 degrees Celsius. The child was admitted to an ICU at the Centre Hospitalier de l’Universite Laval (CHUL).

The mother says it was an awful ordeal, the baby crying the whole time because of pain.

“I’ve never seen my baby so vulnerable, to see him suffer. He didn’t stop crying the entire time because he was in pain. I felt so bad. I didn’t know what to do to help him.”

Parrot further says that the heart rate of the baby was at 214 at one point. When the doctors took a scan, they also observed signs of pneumonia.

The mother says she has no clue how they caught the virus. Parrot added that she has been trying to be careful not to get infected. Parrot tested positive first, then Logan and also the father who lives on the same roof. Parrot prospect that they could have contracted the virus at work, bus or grocery store.

The mother and the son left the hospital on Wednesday last week, though exhausted, they are in good spirits. The family is slowly recovering, though still experiencing symptoms of the virus.

The family message to Quebecers is that they respect the health measure to protect one another. The family is in self-isolation which will last for at least ten days.


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