A 60-Year-Old Male Dies After Tornado Causes Havoc In Mascouche, Quebec


A male in the 60s has succumbed to injuries caused by a tornado that raised havoc in Mascouche, Quebec. At least two other persons were injured.

Genevieve Guilbault, the public safety minister, said via a tweet on Monday night that a man died and that they are working to bring help to residents in off-island areas.

The individual who succumbed to injuries is survived by three children. The 60-year-old was outside when the tornado ripped through his neighborhood. He tried to hide in his shed but dies when the tornado’s funnel swept through the shed.

A new home under construction was also destroyed, while all trees and hydro poles were in its path were downed and swept away across the city.

Neighbors informed local media that things happened really fast.

The local mayor, Guillaume Tremblay, noted that two other people are nursing small injuries and urged all those that do not reside in the area to stay out.

Environment Canada’s spokesperson, Peter Kimbell, said the tornado hit at around 4pm.

Images shared on social media show the damage the tornado caused to some areas of the neighborhood. Streets can be seen littered with debris.

Urgence Quebec said the tornado caused significant loss and urged people to watch out for electrical wires that might be laying around.

Hydro-Quebec reports at least 198 power cuts in the province, with 114 of these in the Monteregie area. At least 5000 customers were affected.


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