A 37-Year-Old Adult Male Under Arrest On Charges Of Assaulting, Uttering Threats Against Winnipeg Officer, Police Say


A 37-year-old adult male is under police custody on charges of assault and threatening an officer, police reported.

An officer not on duty that day was assaulted and had threats levied against them on Wednesday before starting his shift. The officer was trying to end a scuffle but instead got assaulted and racially abused.

At around 11:45 am, the officer walked around Millennium Library Park, heading to Winnipeg’s police headquarters when he walked upon an altercation between a man and a woman.

Before the officer could act, the man pounced and started attacking the officer, notes police spokesperson constable Rob Carver. He added that the incident transpired so fast that there no one said anything to the other.

Still, in his civilian clothing, the officer fended off the man’s attack but ended up in a fight, the Constable said.

Fortunately, other officers at the HQ saw what was happening and came to his aid, and had the man arrested.

As he was being arrested, the man uttered racial slurs and threatened the officer’s life, the police added.

The man in question has a prior police record and was booked for assault and charges of issuing threats.

The police say they are not sure why he was aggressive. Still, his behavior aligns well with that of a person who is abusing methamphetamine.

Police can’t say if he had use meth on that day unless he confesses. All they can do is make assessments based on his behavior.


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