A 24 Year Quebecer Hospitalized with COVID-19 Tell Young People that Virus is Very Serious and Painful


Roxanne Smith is tired and sick of young people of her age saying that COVID-19 isn’t real or not that serious. Smith, 24, also didn’t believe that the virus could hit young people very hard until she landed in the hospital for weeks.

Smith thought that there was more exaggeration or maybe Francois Legault was putting the situation strong than necessary. In early April, she was very sick, fighting to breathe and to fall unconscious. She couldn’t talk, walk or remember anything.

On April 2nd, she tested positive for the U.K. COVID-19 variant and still didn’t believe the results. According to Quebec doctors, the new variants are hitting young people much hard than the original virus.

The average age of people being admitted to hospital with COVID-19 is 10 to 15 years younger than in the earlier waves. Recently, the virus also claimed its youngest victim, a 16 boy who succumbed while in a Montreal hospital.

Smith, a mother of three and a law student, said she had no serious health problems before the infection. She, however, had health issues during childhood that were suppressed.

She is now feeding on a tube and will undergo months of physical therapy and other appointments. At the moment, she is just like a 90-year-old, she can’t run, read or concentrate.

Smith noted that she would be dead if she waited longer to go to the hospital. This summer, she was planning to go camping with her kids, but that won’t happen. She will need a lot of sleep and will have a lot of appointments.

Smith says that it is hard to believe that young people think the COVID-19 rules don’t apply to them. It is indeed serious and very painful.

“Seriously, the pain is just incredible. I’m just 24 years old, and I had it…and I was very, very, very, very sick.”


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