A 22-Year-Old Currently Battling Variant In Hospital Warns The Public That They Are Not Invincible To The Virus


Peter Soliman, who spent close to a week in the hospital, warns others that they should be careful not to think they are invisible to the virus. He was taken in after he tested positive for variant B117.

He said that if people think they won’t get infected because they are healthy and young, they need to think again. This has been his message while sharing the story of an illness that has had him hospitalized for more than a week.

He tested positive for variant B117 last March. He notes that he does not suffer any health issues; he did his best to follow all health guidelines and did not have many contacts other than family.

Due to the hospitalization, he went on social media to share his experience and has since received numerous comments, both negative and positive, he notes.

He said that many people consider his experience a wake-up call, which the world needs. He went on to say that many thanked him for sharing and that feedback from most of those who responded has been great.

Around mid-March, his father was informed that he had had close contact with an infected person at work, so he tested positive for the virus. Soliman, the sister, and mother tested negative for the virus then. Still, later on, he and his mother started showing symptoms.
As required by health directives, they had already gone into isolation when he started showing symptoms around the 17th of March. His subsequent test came back positive for the virus.

They were informed that they had all contracted a virus of concern later identified as variant B117. This strain originated in the U.K.

The father was taken to hospital a few days later because his airway had clogged, and he could not breathe properly.

The sister, who is a nurse and had her first immunization, showed no symptoms. All her tests came back negative despite being in the same home and caring for her family.

Soliman said that his hospital experience was quite tricky as there are times he did not have the strength to get up on his own to even visit the washroom. He was put on oxygen, and at a certain point, doctors inform him he would have to shift to intensive care if there was no progress.

He was let go from the hospital at the start of this month, and his hope is that by sharing what he has gone through, he will help others know how severe this virus can be.


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