99Bitcoins Token Resilient as Mt. Gox Scandal Triggers Crypto Market Crash


The day of reckoning swept across the cryptocurrency market as Mt. Gox liquidators commenced repayment to former customers. This move elicited a domino effect, causing an onslaught of plummeting values among Bitcoin and altcoin. However, amidst this cryptocurrency storm, the 99Bitcoins token displayed unwavering resilience during its presale.

The resurgence of the Mt. Gox scandal triggered a wave of selling pressure on cryptocurrency prices. On Friday, the liquidators announced the commencement of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash disbursements to creditors, prompting a lack of stability in Bitcoin’s trading value. By this time, Bitcoin was precariously perched at a $60k support level, but the newfound events devalued it, pushing it down to $54k.

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In a significant IT security breach back in 2014, Mt. Gox lost a considerable sum of customer funds. To put the ramifications in perspective, Bitcoin was trading at around $600 at that time. For customers who were unfortunate victims of this hack, they stand to gain an almost 100x profit today. However, the fear of Bitcoin being sold upfront looms large, potentially triggering a marked decline in its market value.

Vigilant on-chain detectives tracked the Mt. Gox wallet movements, quickly alerting the market about the transfer of 47,228 BTC from a cold storage facility into a new wallet. This resulted in the second largest liquidation event in cryptocurrencies history, second only to the FTX upheaval.

This incident devastated the cryptocurrency bulls, as recorded over a tumultuous 24-hour period. However, leading industry analysts stand tall, maintaining an optimistic stance on long-term recovery. As quoted by Daan Crypto Trades, “Most selling that will occur will happen at the beginning and will slowly fade out over time. These Mt. Gox coins have been a source of fear for years. While the short-term effect looks grim, getting this massive supply overhang out of the way primes the market well for the long run.”

While Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies grappled with losses, the 99Bitcoin token presale persevered, going from strength to strength, largely unaffected by external market conditions. The total collection managed to surpass the $2.3 million mark. This token promises a revolutionary new feature—powering the Learn-to-Earn platform, incentivizing users to learn about cryptocurrencies. Users can earn XP points by taking up courses and answering quizzes, which eventually translate into $99BTC rewards.

This bold new concept found favor among investors and analysts alike, earning over $5.3 million in the presale. As for interested buyers, they can purchase the $99BTC at a presale price of $0.00112. However, this price is set to scale up in the coming days. Therefore, prospective buyers should act quickly to secure their 99Bitcoins.