8th Montreal Jiuding Scholarship distribution gala a huge success


by Rhonda Massad

Held at Evo Montréal Vieux-Montréal this past May 4, the 8th annual Montreal Jiu Ding Club,  sponsored by the National Bank recognized 10 students who are academically gifted, well-rounded, and pursuing their first undergraduate degree/diploma at a recognized university or post-secondary institution in Quebec. Each student received $3,000.

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“The fundamental idea behind the Jiu Ding Scholarship is to encourage more and more outstanding students to work hard and to invest themselves positively in the Canadian Society,” explained Jiu Ding president, Danny Huang. “For the first time, we will also be giving out the Red Thread Award. This prize is given to adopted Chinese children in Quebec.”

The inspiration for the new award came from the movie of the same name produced by Mr. Wang Zheng who was on hand to hand out the award.

“When we first thought about the Red Thread award it was more to encourage students. We did not require stringent requirements,” Huang shared with the more than 300 guests that included Chinese Consul General, Chen Xueming. ” We later discovered that there are more than 8,000 adopted children from China in Quebec. Among them, there is no shortage of excellent students who overcame their confusion to embrace their identity. They thrive under the care and love of their Quebec parents. We are proud to support these students.”

The winning students are: Ran Tao

  1. 莫之争Sophie Mo
  2. 周明坤 Mingkun Zhou
  3. 何晓荷Nancy He
  4. 姚佳琪Jiaqi Yao
  5. 蓝嘉瑞 Jiarui Lan
  6. 史杨天骄Sky Shi
  7. Camille Fortin(红线奖获奖者)
  8. 陈慧南Naomie Vincent
  9. Ariane Villemure (红线奖获奖者)

Many special guests supported the event alongside the main title sponsor, The National Bank, including Consul General M. Chen Xueming, former Quebec Minister, David Heurtel, Ms. Danièle Henkel, a two-time recipient of the Honor of the Quebec National Assembly, Order of Canada recipient,Louis Lagassé, Ms. Thi Be Nguyen of the National Bank to name only a few.

“By supporting these scholarships, we also encourage and motivate these students who study hard and are socially engaged in the community. They represent the future leaders of tomorrow,” said Thi Be Nguyen, Manager at the Office of the President and Philanthropy at National Bank of Canada.

About The Montreal Jiu Ding Club

The Montreal Jiu Ding (JD) Club is a charitable organization registered with the government of Canada. Montreal JD Club was founded by a group of entrepreneurs and professionals of Chinese origin living and working in the greater Montreal area.

The sole objective of the Montreal Jiu Ding Club is to manage the “Jiu Ding (JD) Scholarship”, which aims to encourage students from Quebec Chinese community, as well as international students from Mainland China, Taiwan, Macau, and Hong Kong studying in the Province of Quebec, to participate in and to contribute to the Canadian society through excellent academic and social achievements.