8 Tips for Safe Airplane Travel with a Pet


 There are several tips to follow when traveling with a pet. You have to get a pet travel carrier, organize the reservation and get all the necessary documents. You should also bear in mind that there are concerns about the animal’s safety while flying.


To ensure that you and your pet fly safely, you need to get a bright pet travel carrier and you must plan your flight well. We recommend performing research about the airline you intend to use and communicate with its representatives before and even during your travel. Information is power. 

Tips for Flying Safely with a Pet

  1. Consult a Veterinarian

You should have your pooch checked by a veterinarian before flying. This will ensure that animal is in a good health to fly. It is also recommended to get a pet travel insurance to avoid spending your money in the event of an emergency treatment.

  1. Ensure Your Breed Is Not Restricted

These days, airlines put restrictions on certain breeds. Other airlines can only allow people to travel with pets in a pet travel carrier as long as they meet the specified weight and size.

  1. Booking Early

Pet travel services allow only a certain number of animals on a flight. Ensure to book in advance in order to get the flight that you prefer. Especially if you are flying the doggie internationally or in cargo, make sure you book in advance since it may take longer to prepare the requirements.

  1. Plan to Board Early

When traveling with a pooch, you are eligible to board early; you just need to talk or ask your airline in advance. Preparation for the flight when you are with an animal can take time. So, you will need to have some extra time to allow you and your dearest to get ready.                                                                                                                                                 

  1. Let the Pet Get Used to a Kennel or a Pet Travel Carrier

Buy a kennel or a pet travel carrier early enough and start making the pet accustom to staying in it and ensure to put a bed and toys inside it.

We recommend feeding the animal in the pet travel carrier in order to make it feel positive about sleeping, playing or retreating.

On the day of the flight, place a travel bed and add pads in the pet travel carrier in case of any accident.

  1. Never Give the Pet Sedatives

Tranquilizers are not allowed for animals when flying. This is because they can affect the pet’s ability to control its body heat when the plane gets to high altitudes. Instead, we recommend using naturopathic calming drops or a vest meant to lower anxiety. 

  1. Find a Relief Place for Your Little Friend Before the Flight

Pet travel companies are supposed to provide a relief place for pets. Before taking off, determine the relief place that is closer to your terminal for efficient potty breaks whenever there is a layover.

Also, bear in mind that the animal might refuse to go to the relief place. This will require you to carry a pad in case it chooses to eliminate outside the specified place.

  1. Carry a Chew Toy for Taking off and Landing

Just like in human beings, pressure builds up in the ears of friends with 4 paws when taking off and when landing. Just ensure to carry a chew toy in your airplane travel bag. The chew toy will help in relieving any discomfort.


Those are guidelines on how to travel with a dog or any other pet safely. Have you traveled with a pet on a plane before? Please share with us your experience and you can give us other suggestions on how to travel safely and about the best pet travel carrier to use. 


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