$785 Million Powerball Jackpot in Play This Monday Evening


A staggering Powerball jackpot of $785 million is tantalizingly up for grabs this Monday evening. As the fourth largest pot in the game’s legacy, the winning hand bestows upon its holder a truly life-altering opportunity.

Whoever emerges as the fortunate grand prize victor will be presented with enticing options: claiming the annuitized jaw-dropping total of approximately $785 million, or opting for a tempting lump sum pre-tax payout of $367 million.

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This monumental prize, while impressive, is only overshadowed by the game’s three record-breaking jackpots that surpassed the billion-dollar mark. It’s been 29 consecutive drawings since the last Powerball grand prize winner was crowned on July 19. The lucky ticket, purchased in sunny California, netted an exorbitant $1.08 billion reward.

This sizzling summer of Powerball has not been void of staggering plaudits. Most notably, three fortunate Florida fans and an Oregon denizen matched five numbers, netting each of them a cool $1 million in Monday’s draw.

Last Saturday’s drama stole breaths when not a single solitary ticket matched all six drawn numbers to clinch the grand prize. Yet, it was still a lucrative day for some lucky few. Three tickets, from the diverse corners of California, Florida and New York, correctly predicted five white ball numbers, each subsequently winning $1 million apiece. Meanwhile, a Michigander scooped a $2 million reward matching all five white ball numbers with the addition of the prize multiplier feature.

It’s crucial to note that the crowning glory of Powerball’s history was a monstrous $2.04 billion prize, won by a Californian in November 2022. Nevertheless, the odds of pocketing the jackpot still stand slim, at a whopping 1 in 292.2 million.

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