Pointe Claire engages citizens in road safety campaign


More than 500 homeowners are participating in the road safety awareness campaign by displaying a message in front of their homes encouraging drivers to stay alert to their speed.

“This positive, friendly summer campaign demonstrates our shared desire to behave courteously and respectfully toward others, on both streets and sidewalks,” Mayor Morris Trudeau explained. Road safety Pointe Claire, Rhonda Massad, West Island Blog, Morris Trudeau

The signs encourage people to be careful and behave well on the streets. On a voluntary basis, citizens become ambassadors by displaying a sign in front of their homes that urges drivers to obey the speed limit and show courtesy. The signs are provided and put up free of charge by Public Security.

About 50 posters have been put up near parks and play areas encouraging drivers to be alert.

Four speed display signs, placed strategically throughout the area, also help remind everyone what the speed limits are.

“By focusing on good behaviour, we want to enhance safety within our community through friendly awareness-raising in order to promote civic-mindedness and improve quality of life,” concludes Mayor Trudeau.

To obtain your free sign,you can choose from three,  contact Public Security (514 630-1234, secpub@pointe-claire.ca) specifying your address.

Road safety Pointe Claire, Rhonda Massad, West Island Blog, Morris Trudeau


  1. It would help if there warnings in Pointe-Claire about new signs. There is a new stop sign after you exit Sources south to get to Donegani. Blind and no advance (amber diamonde) warning. The have also made the connecting roadway two-way. So what’s going on?


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