72-Year-Old Hospitalized, Residents Displaced After Terrebonne Apartment Fire


In the quiet city of Terrebonne, a Tuesday evening took a dramatic turn when an apartment fire sent a 72-year-old man to the hospital with severe burns covering nearly half his body.

The incident unfurled shortly before eight in the evening as panic-laden 911 calls poured in, reporting an active fire in a six-storey residential building on Lucille-Teasdale Boulevard. The Terrebonne fire department promptly responded, marshalling a force of nearly 40 firefighters to subdue the ferocious blaze. Eventually, the fire was reined in and order restored.

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The fire’s wake, however, told tales of displacement and devastation. Stephane Laurin, the fire department chief of operations, reported that nearly two dozen residents had to be relocated, mostly due to water damage inflicted during the firefighting operations.

While the exact cause of the fire and its point of origin remains shrouded in uncertainty, Laurin was unable to provide updates regarding the condition of the senior citizen victim, only confirming his ongoing hospitalization.

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