7 ways To Streamline Your Beauty and Skin Care Routine


By: Adonia Dennis

Do you find yourself with too many beauty products that you can’t even keep track of? Perhaps you don’t even have much time to spend on your skincare routine in the morning. Maybe it’s time to streamline your beauty and skin care routine.

Most people think that the more products you use on your skin, the better it will be. But according to dermatologists, what does matter is how you follow a routine and using the RIGHT products that will make you gain a healthy, youthful complexion. When it comes to our beauty and skin care routines, many of us are always short on time. The key is to multi-task – which may sound like a challenge but will save you time and money to complete your beauty routine.

If you already apply lipstick as your cheek tint or add BB or CC creams into your beauty care, here are 7 ways to streamline your beauty and skin care routine.

1. Keep Skincare Products to a Basic Minimum

Using 10 different skin care products doesn’t ensure healthy, glowing skin. In fact, using too many products is a waste of time and money. According to Dermatologist Amy Wechsler, M.D., using various formulas is the most common concern when it comes to skincare. Four must-have skincare products include: a gentle cleanser, moisturizer – daytime SPF and nighttime along with an exfoliant to use at least 3-4 times a week. A healthy diet with fresh fruits and veggies along with a high water intake will keep your skin feeling refreshed, inside and out.

2. Skip the Toner

Unless your skin becomes extremely oily, you can toss toner out of your skincare routine. A good facial cleanser will get rid of any dirt, dead cells, and grime build up from the day.

3. Quick-minute Makeup

Sometimes we find ourselves running out of time or instantly need a quick fix. Use lipstick as a blush-on for cheeks to complement your lips for a flushed look. Remember that makeup is full of pigments that you can use all over. Use shimmer blush as a highlighting eyeshadow, red lipstick to offset the dark circles under the eyes or lotion to remove stubborn eye makeup.

A multitasking colour makeup crayon is a great space saver that can save you time and money. They provide colour to your eyes, lips, cheeks and overall complexion. Look for a 3-in-1 product with triple-duty formulas.

4. Know Your Skin’s Priorities

Knowing the health of your skin will tell you what your skin needs most. Everyone requires sun protection, but not everyone needs hydration or oil-free products. As skin types vary, consider your needs and use products that will care for them.

5. Complexion Care

Primer, powder, concealer, bronzer, and highlighters are often time-consuming as each step requires thorough blending for an effortless makeup look. Why not use BB, CC, or DD creams as they combine ideal moisturizing skin care with makeup for an instant fix. Hide dark circles under the eyes after a long night and sudden blemishes with creams that conceal the problem areas in no time. This will give your skin an even appearance and a healthy glow.

Another benefit to beauty creams is that you can skip the setting powder with BB cream. If you absolutely must have a foundation, mix equal parts of moisturizer and foundation and apply it together. This will not only save you time but also keep your skin well hydrated with your foundation. If you want to eliminate blemishes and pigmentation for good, Cosmelan is a depigmentation peel treatment that is said to rejuvenate the skin.

6. Night-time Routine

A long day at work is exhausting and the last thing on your mind to wash your face and remove your makeup. Why should you complicate things when you can use a facial cleanser, follow with moisturizer and head off to bed? Eye makeup removers, facial scrubs, and cleansing milk will do, just be sure to avoid complex skin care products. Beauty experts say that adding a drop of self-tanning lotion to your night time moisturizer will result in radiant skin in the morning. This will give you more confidence to go makeup-free when you have to.

7. Get Organized With Your Routine

Discover a skincare system that works best for you. Save time in the morning by using your cleanser while in the shower or moisturizer during your daily grooming. Consider organizing your products by creating a drawer with must-haves and products that are used daily.

If you find yourself running out of time, money or space – and even all three – they are many ways to streamline your beauty and skincare routine. Creating a fixed routine will keep your beauty in check and give you the freedom to minimize your skin care. As a bonus, streamlining your skincare routine has also been proven to improve your skin in the long run.

Author Bio:

Adonia Dennis (@adoniadennis), by profession a Health, Beauty and Skin Care adviser. She provides solution related to health and beauty problems. She is a passionate blogger who loves to write and share her views on various topics. She recently got an opportunity to work as a content coordinator for Glozine latest lifestyle news. To know more about Adonia, follow her on LinkedIn, Google+,  and Pinterest.



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