7 Things You Should Know When Mattress Shopping


Do you always get a good night’s sleep? Well, if you are not getting a good sleep on a nightly basis, it could be due to your mattress. Mattresses get old, and even new ones can have problems. It might be too firm for you, not big enough, or maybe you can feel your partners every movement. The point here is that when you go mattress shopping, there is a lot more to consider than just the price and the brand name.

1. The Size

One of the first considerations to make before you go mattress shopping is the size of the mattress you need. Do you sleep alone? Do you sleep with a partner? Do you have kids that love to jump into your bed after they have nightmares? It might seem obvious that you need to consider the size of the mattress in question. However, the main point we are making here is that it is always better to go one size larger, rather than to get a size that will end up being too small.

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2. The Firmness

Another thing to keep in mind when mattress shopping, is how firm the mattress is. If you need a whole lot of support, you probably want to go with something a bit firmer, which is especially true if you often suffer from back pain. Moreover, a stomach sleeper probably needs something not quite as firm, a side sleeper needs medium firmness, and a back sleep needs something quite firm. With all of that being said, it all comes down to your own specific needs and preferences.

3. Allergies

Do you have allergies? Many people don’t think about their mattress in relation to allergies, but it is important to keep in mind when mattress shopping. The bottom line is that if you suffer from allergies, you will want to find a type of mattress that is made with hypoallergenic materials. These are known for being resistant to mites, for not absorbing allergens, and for being allergen free themselves.

4. Adjustability

Do you feel as though you might like to sleep in a different position one night than another? Maybe you like elevating your head, or maybe you like sleeping with your feet elevated. When mattress shopping looking for one that is adjustable is definitely something you can do. Whether it is purely about comfort, or about pain, an adjustable mattress can definitely help you sleep much easier.

5. Heat Retention

Some mattress types are better for heat retention than others. Pillow top mattresses and memory foam are both pretty good for heat retention. However, maybe you like to sleep a bit cooler, or maybe you live in a really hot climate. If this is the caser, you will want to go for a type of mattress that does not absorb and retain as much body heat. It’s all about temperature.

6. Vibrations & Movement

One big thing you need to think about when mattress shopping, especially if you sleep with a partner, is how much movement the mattress transfers from one side to another. Have you seen those memory foam mattresses where you can have a glass of wine on one side, and have somebody jumping up and down on the other side? This is what we are talking about. If you sleep with somebody that is a lot heavier or lighter than you, their movements might disturb you as you try to sleep. So, finding a mattress with minimal energy transfer can be a pretty big deal.

Mattress Shopping For A Good Sleep

At the end of the day, when you want to go to sleep, the mattress you have under your back can definitely make all of the difference. So, if you are tired of having a mattress that just doesn’t suit you, it might be time to go mattress shopping. Always take your time before making a final purchase!