7 Most Valuable Celebrity Diamond Engagement Rings



When it comes to diamond engagement rings, nobody knows how to do it like the celebrities that walk the red carpet. These people go big or they go home, and it shows by the massive rocks that some of these famous ladies wear on their fingers. Let’s take a look at the 7 most valuable celebrity diamond engagement rings to adorn the women of Hollywood.

7. Grace Kelly

When the famous model Grace Kelly got married to the esteemed Prince Rainier III of Monaco, yes that’s right, she married a real prince, she was given a diamond engagement ring that featured a hefty 10.5 carat, 4.06 million dollar diamond ring. Once again, this is not counting inflation, which would make the ring just that much more valuable in today’s currency.

6. Jennifer Lopez

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Jennifer Lopez is another big-time celebrity with a personality and a body that is larger than life. She has many accomplishments under her belt, with one of them being the snagging of Marc Anthony. When these two were engaged, she was rocking an 8.5 carat, 4.1 million dollar diamond ring that made everybody do a double take.

5. Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton, the world renowned and often laughed at supermodel and actress, definitely knows how to make a statement, as did her one-time Fiance, Paris Latsis. When these two were engaged, she sported a 25-carat diamond engagement ring with an estimated value of 4.7 million dollars.

4. Beyonce

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Beyonce is most likely the most popular singer on the planet today, and her husband, Jay Z is also one of the most popular and talented rappers to ever live. To complement their big lifestyle, he got Beyonce a big ring, a diamond engagement ring of 18 carats with a value of 5 million dollars. These two certainly know how to live big.

3. Kim Kardashian

Oh Kim, you have been in the news for years now and it’s never really anything good. This smoking hot supermodel got engaged to the singer, rapper, and man of many talents, Kanye West. Although he is not the most popular man on the planet, he did give her a diamond engagement ring of 15 carats worth just over 8 million dollars.

2. Elizabeth Taylor

The famous British actress, even though she might be gone today, definitely had some style back in her hay day. When she got engaged to Richard Burton, she received a diamond engagement ring that came in at 33 carats, with a value of 8.8 million dollars. Keep in mind that this was around 50 years ago, but inflation has not been taken into account here. Comparatively, this makes it one of the most expensive diamond rings to ever be worn by a celebrity.

1. Mariah Carey

The world-renowned singer and musician, when she got engaged to James Packer, received a diamond engagement ring that came in at a whopping 35 carats with a value of roughly 10 million dollars. This is the most expensive celebrity diamond engagement ring that Hollywood has ever seen.

Honourable Mention – Meghan Markle

Although it isn’t worth enough money to make our list, we felt it necessary to mention the 3-stone royalty ring England’s Prince Harry gave to Meghan Markle when they were first engaged in November of 2017. Valued at around $350,000, the 3-stone engagement ring has far greater sentimental value. The lovestruck Prince designed the setting himself, and two of the three diamonds used came from the collection of his mother, the late Princess Diana. Priceless, indeed. Well done, Harry!

Diamond Engagement Rings & Celebrities

While we’ve only listed 7 of the biggest celebrities and their most valuable engagement rings, there are plenty of others out there. These ladies certainly know how to rock their rings in style


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