7 Fun Ways to Spoil Your Dog


Giving your pooch chic and fun doggy bling such as those that you see here forthefurry.com/collections/dog-collars is one of the many creative ways that you can spoil your dog. While most pet owners love and cherish their four-legged friends, spoiling and pampering them in a pleasantly unexpected or luxurious way may not have crossed their minds yet.

Belly rubs and lap naps are usually enough to keep our fur babies happy. However, it wouldn’t be wrong to spoil and pamper them every once in a while to reward them for the love, loyalty and happiness that give you without expecting anything in return. Here are fun ways to spoil your dog.Pet Corner West Island Blog, Dog

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1. Take you furry friend to a Pet Spa

Just like regular spas, pet spas offer similar pampering to our furry little pooches. You can treat your dog to a whole-body massage, manicure and pedicure, grooming, makeover and other specialty treatments to pamper your dog. Search online for the nearest pet spa from your area with offerings that you think your pet will enjoy.

2. Go on a Staycation

Search online for the best hotels near your home that are pet-friendly. Spend a night or two at the motel with your dog while enjoying its amenities, including the coffee shop, gym, poolside or even room service.

3. Visit a National Park

If your pet spends most of the day cooped up inside the house, it will definitely enjoy the great outdoors. Visit the nearest national park and allow your pooch to take in and experience the expansive space, fresh air and the smell of the indigenous vegetation. National and state parks often have walking and biking trails that both of you can enjoy exploring.

4. Lounge on a Secluded Beach

Depending on the time of the year, you and your dog can enjoy walking or lounging on the beach that is bereft of the usual touristy and rowdy crowds. It may take a bit of searching and even a plane ride, but if you can find the ideal swath of peaceful sandy beach, it will be ideal for you and your pet.Pet Corner West Island Blog, Dog

5. Visit a Waterpark

High-energy dogs require high energy stimulation and what better way to spoil it than a waterpark where it can enjoy a host of activities. The catch, of course, is to look for a pet-friendly waterpark, preferably one with fun activities for pets.

6. Have a Latte or Something Else

If the previous tips don’t work for you at the moment, you can start by going to a pet-friendly coffee shop with your pooch and enjoy a steaming cup of latte for you and a cup of whipped cream for your buddy. There are also pet-friendly restaurants with patios for you and your pup to take advantage of. Some bars even allow dogs as well.

7. Have a Doga Session

In case you haven’t heard about it yet, doga, as its name suggests, is yoga for dogs. Search online if there is a doga studio near you to enjoy this one-of-a-kind exercise session.

No one knows your dog better than you. Therefore, the kind of pampering that your dog will enjoy best will be something that only you come up with. If you truly want to spoil your dog, ask yourself what is that one thing that will make it feel truly pampered and loved. Once you realize what it is, you can go ahead and spoil your pooch silly.