Managing to stay fit during this quarantine hasn’t been easy. Thankfully in this digital world, we have online workouts! No matter how much money or equipment you have at your disposal, online workouts are here for you. As long as you have a Facebook or Instagram account, here are some of the top FREE online workouts you can do from anywhere in your home: 

1Victoria Park Fitness Club – Instagram 

Val Desjarding Vicotria Park Fitness

Located in Westmount, Victoria Park hosts free workouts from Monday to Sunday directly on its respective trainers’ Instagram accounts. You can access a variety of HITT, yoga, barre exercises, and many more. Part-owner and head trainer Val Desjardins’ (@pumpfitnesssmtl) Sunday Sermon is a must-try. Last time WIB’s Wendy Hernandez attended her online class, there were over 480 people tuning into the live sweat sesh. For a complete list of VicPark’s free classes, check out their “🌍” Instagram story. 

Instagram: @victoriaparkmtl 

2FITish with Lara – Private Facebook Group 

Fitish with Lara

West Island resident Lara posts her live workout videos which include classes called “20-minute sweat”, “sculpted core”, and “tank top arms”. Lara mentions that there are only two reasons to work out: cheese and bread. After eating way too much bread and cheese this quarantine, you should head over to her private Facebook page and follow her live classes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Go get those tank top arms ready for summer! 

Facebook: Request access to be part of the group. 

3WORLD GYM – Facebook Group 

World gym free workout

A support group also from Facebook with around 20 classes per week that combines live videos from a plethora of professional trainers from around the community. They view themselves as “The World Gym Fam” which is followed by their mantra stating “All In This Together”. If you’re the type of person who needs to be motivated by constant support for one another, then these online workouts are for you. We all need a little support in these times. 

Facebook: Request access to be part of the group. 

4MODO YOGA – Instagram 

Modo Yoga Free Online Classes

If this pandemic is still getting the best of you, I urge you to let go of all your stress with Modo Yoga’s live yoga sessions on Instagram or Zoom. They have different Instagram handles depending on your neighbourhood, but make sure to follow @modoyogamontreal to get their full online studio schedule and it will direct you on where to find the next virtual class. If you want to really get into it, turn the heat up, set up your device and voila, you now have a hot yoga studio in your house. 

Instagram: @modoyoga 

5MOVATI ATHLETIC – Instagram and Facebook 

Movati Fitness

This studio out of Ontario shares their workouts through Instagram and Facebook live with set schedules every day. A culmination of both high-intensity cardio and relaxing yoga, Movati has everything. Some trainers are provided with microphone headsets that clarify the video’s sound and set the vibe for a motivational workout. What’s amazing about Movati is that they offer 7-8 classes per day, at various times, including lunchtime. If you’re like me and can’t even force yourself to do a jumping jack first thing in the morning, then those noon classes are ideal. If you’re a burst of sunshine upon waking up then you’ll also have those 7am workouts ready for you. Perfect for both types of people in this world. 


Instagram :  @movati.athletic 

6Colombian Mafia Fit (Maria Leguizamon) – Instagram and Youtube 

Colombian Mafia Fit Free Workout

This personal trainer and mom of three specializes in sculpting women’s bodies with her online videos. This super-mom often sets her workouts to Spanish music combined with some beautiful outdoor views; ultimately making it super fun for the viewer to get engaged with. She will display her class on Instagram but post all her videos to Youtube afterward so you can re-live her workouts or recommend her to a friend later on. I don’t know about you, but this quarantine has desperately made me miss going out dancing, and Maria finally gave me a solution: she does salsa workouts! She does often use dumbbells and bands in her videos but fret not, you can follow along without them as well. Follow her for a constant dance party! 


Instagram: @colombianmafiafit

These are but a few of the many accounts that offer free online workouts. Hopefully, this will give you the extra motivation you need to start getting back into fitness. Check them out and let’s get fit for free! 


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