6 Candidates Vie for Vacant Council Seat in Cornwall Monday


The residents of Cornwall, Prince Edward Island are voting in a vacant council seat. There is plenty of interest in the seat, with 6 candidates on the ballot.

  • Parker Beer.
  • Steven Campbell.
  • Judy Herlihy.
  • Graham Hicken.
  • Tina Lowther.
  • Simon McNeil.

Mayor Minerva McCourt said the issues getting traction aren’t new, but with fast growth in the town those issues are perhaps drawing more attention.

“Safety in our town has been and continues to be an issue, you know, with our town developing, with the traffic and so forth,” said McCourt.

She has additionally heard people talking about the availability of playgrounds.

McCourt said she is eager to work with the new councilor and it is always a great opportunity to get a new perspective on council.

The polls close at 7 p.m. Unless a recount is required, the new councilor would be sworn in Wednesday.


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