Free community learning seminar on working with and educating adults – May 13


Literacy Unlimited is holding a day of community learning focused on working with and educating adults.

On Friday, May 13th we will learn how to identify common hurdles that adults can face when trying to reach their personal and professional goals and arm ourselves with strategies to help empower adult learners along their road to success. 

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The symposium will focus on the following two topics:

Literacy Strategies for Working with Adult Learners:

Working with adults can be remarkably different from working with children or adolescents, but why is that? Together we will explore how adults learn and what common struggles adult learners can face on their road to success. Strategies for working specifically with adult learners will be presented and practiced.
Karen Gazith, Ph.D.
Promoting Executive Functions as a Key Factor in Developing Literacy:

Our executive functions (ie: working memory, the ability to self-monitor and planning and prioritization)  can affect our success and ability to meet our goals in many aspects of our life, including education and literacy. In this session, we will explore how having strengths and weaknesses amongst the functions can affect our educational and professional goals. We will also discuss strategies to enable our learners to reach their maximum potential.
Steven R Shaw, Ph.D.

The event is free to attend and those interested should RSVP here by Monday, May 9th: