West Island Mayors vote against Montreal awarding contracts without tender


At the Montreal Agglomeration Council meeting last Thursday, Jan. 28, the new cost saving Labour Standards, Equity, Health and Safety Commission (CNESST) made up of three government groups dealing with workplace rights, awarded three medical contracts without going out for tender. The Association of Suburban Mayors (ASM) made up of the 14 demerged cities voted unanimously against the exceptional resolution.

The three clinics awarded the contracts were:

TotalMed Solutions Santé, located in Laval, for the services of Dr. Anne Thériault at $400 an hour with a cap of 252 hours amounting to $155,895 tax included.

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  1. Mayor of Baie D’Urfé added:

    “There was no explanation provided for why these 3 contracts were awarded in this fashion instead of the “call for tenders” approach which is the norm for these types of contracts. Also there was no satisfactory explanation provided as to how the hourly charges were determined and why they were so high. For contract 20.04, 127 hours is about 4 weeks work … that would be $116,999 for 4 weeks pay or for a month’s work …. that makes it more than $1.4 million dollars for a year.”

  2. I’d like to know if Coderre consulted any of them before “unanimously” rejecting the Energy East pipeline. I spoke to my WI mayor and he said he was not.

  3. Tendering is not a well understood process here In QUEBEC.
    If you are a “qualified” bidder in a sealed tender process the lowest bid gets the work.
    When was the last time we saw that in Quebec.
    One could ask the question why SNC Lavelin a demonstrably corrupt company could ever be eligible for a government contract. Guess who is building the new Champlain bridge.
    Comme il fault


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